The Canadian Camping and RV Council (CCRVC) is a not-for profit federal body that consists of Provincial Campground Associations, the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association of Canada and the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association (Manufacturers and Suppliers). Members include: Britsh Columbia Lodging and Campgrounds Association , Parks and Campground Owners' Association of Alberta, Manitoba Association of Campgrounds and Parks , Campground Owners in Ontario, New Brunswick Campgrounds Owners Association and The Association of Atlantic RV Parks and Campgrounds.

CCRVC’s mission is to support Canada's camping and RV industries, foster projects to enhance the camping experience for both Canadians and international visitors, work with federal decision makers to ensure a thriving Canadian tourism sector and to serve as private campground owner’s advocacy voice on a national level.

There are 2347 Private Campgrounds in Canada.

Camping is a popular family activity and especially popular with families whose incomes are less than $80,000 per year.

Canada’s love of camping supports the equivalent of 60,000 jobs across Canada and $2.9 billion dollars of paycheques for Canadians.

5.7 million Canadians camp each summer season and contribute approximately $6.1 billion dollars of economic activity to the largely rural and northern communities they visit.

Most Canadian campgrounds are family owned and operated small businesses that provide gateways to tourism for their communities and region on a seasonal basis.

The Government of Canada and Provincial Governments operate more than 1,000 campgrounds across the country, representing about 25% of the total campground market.

Approximately $1 billion dollars a year of tax revenue is generated from the Camping Industry.